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Afternoon Tea: Last Supper (1903)

From the Russian painter Ilya Repin:

nol art repin last supper 1903
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This is a bit different than the traditional “last supper” paintings we are used to, at least here in the States.

Afternoon Tea: Tramps. Homeless. (1894)

From the estimable Russian artist Ilya Repin:

nol art repin tramps homeless 1894
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If anybody knows where this is displayed today, please let me know either by email or simply in the ‘comments’ section.

Afternoon Tea: Portrait of pianist and professor of Saint Petersburg Conservatory Sophie Menter (1887)

From Ilya Repin, a painter from the Russian Empire:

nol art repin sophie menter 1887
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Afternoon Tea: The Self Immolation of Gogol (1909)

This is by the Russian painter Ilya Repin:

nol art repin the self immolation of gogol 1909
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Nikolai Gogol, a famous Russian author, went mad in his 40s and burned the manuscript for the second part of Dead Souls, a classic novel about Russian life in the 19th century.