Aris Trantidis

Aris Trantidis is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Relations and Politics at the University of Lincoln. He was born in Greece and has worked in the United States, Britain, and Italy. He holds degrees in political science, law, European studies, and international relations from King’s College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the universities of Surrey, Thessaloniki, and Athens.

Trantidis is the author of the book Clientelism and Economic Policy: Greece and the Crisis (Routledge, 2016). Reviews of the book can be found in the journals Public Choice, Political Studies Review, and Mediterranean Quarterly.

Trantidis currently works on the following questions: is populism a threat to liberal democracy? Can a Radical-Right government trigger a slide to authoritarianism? Does historiography have any value in political science? What would we gain if we approach social systems as complex ones, and how this position can practically help conventional analytic tools such as linear regression and rational-choice game theory? How is economic co-ordination possible given the ubiquity of entrepreneurial errors?

Aris has published on electoral authoritarian regimes, the meaning of democracy and hegemony, the political economy of clientelism and corruption, affirmative action, the political underrepresentation of old and young age, and Buchanan’s constitutional theory. His publications feature in several journals, such as the Journal of European Public Policy, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Politics, Constitutional Political Economy, and Democratization.

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