Notes On Liberty famously does not take money from foundations, individuals, organizations, or anything or anybody else. That’s how it’s able to trot out many different viewpoints about a wide variety of topics from a number of specialists around the world. This strategy also helps NOL avoid the traditional pitfalls associated with public libertarianism.

In order to soften the sting associated with not getting paid to write our notes, NOL has decided, collectively, to offer up the consulting services of the Notewriters. Below is a list of services and expertise and experience that might be of use to you and yours:

  • Geopolitical strategy and risk
  • Grant writing
  • Research assistance
  • IP and start-up legal resources
  • Medical R&D
  • Ghostwriting
  • Academic tutoring
  • Start-up strategic planning
  • Domestic political strategy
  • Freelance coding
  • Language tutoring
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Travel guidance
  • Medical writing
  • Scientific study design
  • Entity formation and funding
  • Recruiting & enterprise sales
  • Translation

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