Chhay Lin Lim

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Chhay Lin Lim is a Blockchain and Financial Technology lecturer at Saxion University in the Netherlands and an entrepreneur. He has previously worked as a software developer and integrated online payment methods at European Merchant Services – a First Data & ABN AMRO fintech subsidiary. He is the founder of Serey, a Cambodian blockchain-based social media platform that is currently developing a suite of applications like a decentralized market place, a cryptocurrency exchange, a blogging platform, a sports news site, and a science & technology platform. His goal is to utilize blockchain – which is essentially a social, political, and economic revolution – for its essential purpose: to secure the rights to life, liberty, and property for all.

His main interest right now is to use technology to circumvent governments’ clutches. He is allergic to self-righteous bankers and regulators who defend KYC/AML and who thus contribute to the exclusion of 2.5 billion+ unbanked adults from basic finance. He dreams of the day when the unbanked finally become banked and of a world in which seasteads are common.

Selected Scholarly Publications