The Tyrant’s Burden

N.D.Y. Romanfort

Shoulder the Tyrant’s Burden-
Subdue your earnest breed-
Sit and rest at home, hero
To Hell with mouths to feed-
Avert your eyes and neglect
Domestic money woes-
The government’s remedy?
Pittance for the poor droves.

Shoulder the Tyrant’s Burden
Women and Children fair-
Shut in from our country’s foe,
The Virus in the air-
No punch, kick, nor ill-placed touch
Excuses confinement-
Molestation and Rape trails
Covid intertwinement.

Shoulder the Tyrant’s Burden-
Yield to “expert” decree-
3 Lettered Health Institutes
Control mind and body-
Free thinking doctors? They’re called
Medical Heretics-
Big Tech will silence their noise,
Thus, public thought is fixed.

Shoulder the Tyrant’s Burden-
Waive your natural rights-
Your whole point of existence
Is to dodge viral blights-
If citizens dare resist
Their entitlements stripped,
They’ll swap places with convicts
From prison freshly shipped.

Shoulder the Tyrant’s Burden-
New normal you’ll accept-
You’ve no say in anything
Your life’s not yours to prep-
If the state fails to mend ails
That’s all fine and okay-
Where’d you think the funds come from?
You’ll be taxed anyway.