Geopolitical strategy and risk

Several of the Notewriters have had their work on geopolitics and international affairs featured in and cited by the mainstream press, and most have published academic work in the field of international relations.

Aside from academic work, several of the Notewriters have extensive knowledge stemming from their time working in diplomatic embassies, private firms, or foreign universities.

Below are the regions and the problems where the Notewriters are most competent.

Middle East

  • Iran – risk assessment, informal domestics political arrangements & alliances, terrorist groups, relations with Arab neighbors; contact Tridivesh


  • Belt and Road Initiative – risk assessment, political pressure points, regional vantage; contact Tridivesh

North America

South Asia

  • India – domestic politics and the federalist system, regional factions, diplomacy with neighboring countries, religious minorities; contact Tridivesh
  • Pakistan – diplomacy with neighboring countries and regional players, internal security, terrorist groups, domestic political factions; contact Tridivesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka

Latin America