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Notes On Liberty [is] the most interesting and intelligent libertarian blog on the Internet” – Dr Irfan Khawaja, philosopher and blogger (Policy of Truth)

Notes On Liberty is a blogging consortium dedicated to exploring philosophy, economics, law and public policy, history, and culture.

Founded in 2012, NOL initially set out to be a project composed of scholars and activists in the San Francisco-Monterey Bay-Silicon Valley region of California, but quickly grew into something much more cosmopolitan than even that part of the world.

Today, NOL features contributions from economists, historians, political scientists, philosophers, legal theorists, sociologists, anthropologists, and activists from around the world. True to its cosmopolitan spirit, NOL has featured thoughts in six different languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Swedish.

Work at the consortium has been featured on several prominent websites and blogs, including Economist’s View, RealClearWorld3 Quarks Daily, Marginal REVOLUTION, the GuardianRealClearPolicyReason‘s Hit & Run blog, Robert Cottrell’s the Browser, the Financial TimesAlphaville blog, Micah Mattix’ Prufrock, Daily Nous, the Chronicle of Higher Education, RealClearHistory, and a plethora of professional libertarian organizations.

Contact us at notesonliberty@gmail.com

The tagline ‘Spontaneous thoughts on a humble creed’ comes from the insights of FA Hayek, who recognized that order comes from spontaneity below, not scripture from on high, and that liberalism is above all else a humble creed that requires each man to realize his knowledge is but a pittance of how the world actually works.

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