Afternoon Tea: Ahasver (1910)

NOL art Hodler ahasver 1910
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This beauty is by Ferdinand Hodler, a Swiss painter. Rest assured, there’ll be more from him.

Afternoon Tea: Isaac Newton (1795)

From the British artist and poet William Blake:

NOL art Blake newton 1795
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I’ve never been a huge fan of English art, but Blake is an obvious exception to the rule when it comes to art out of England. If you expand British art to include its imperial domains, then British art is spectacular, but as for England itself, meh. (William Blake excepted, of course.)

Afternoon Tea: Female Organ Player (1885)

NOL art Klimt female organ player 1885
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From Gustav Klimt, still my favorite artist of all time…

Afternoon Tea: White Crucifixion (1938)

From the esteemed Jewish French-Belarusian artist (and one of my personal favorites), Marc Chagall:

nol art chagall white crucifixion 1938
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Afternoon Tea: Last Supper (1903)

From the Russian painter Ilya Repin:

nol art repin last supper 1903
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This is a bit different than the traditional “last supper” paintings we are used to, at least here in the States.

Afternoon Tea: Christ on the Sea of Galilee (1854)

From Eugene Delacroix, as requested by Jacques Delacroix:

nol art delacroix christ on the sea of galilee 1854
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I could stare at this for hours…

From the Comments: Mexican communist art at San Francisco’s public colleges

My college (City College of San Francisco) has a “Diego Rivera Theater” featuring a mural by the artist that spans the width of the building. It is the cultural asset of which the college is most proud. It is very nice to look at. Here’s a picture.

That’s from David Potts, who teaches philosophy at City College of San Francisco and blogs at Policy of Truth.

I’ve seen the real thing. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re doing the tourist thing in San Francisco, or if you live there and are looking for something to do, make sure you hit up CCSF.