Afternoon Tea: Diomedes Devoured by his Horses (1866)

NOL art Moreau diomedes devoured by his horses 1866
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This one is just plain crazy, and it’s by the French painter Gustave Moreau. Here is a wiki on the story of Diomedes, by the way. And here is Barry Stocker on ancient Greek thought.


Afternoon Tea: Circle of Nymphs, Morning (1857)

From Camille Corot, a French painter from the 19th century:

nol art corot circle of nymphs morning 1857
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I love mornings.

Afternoon Tea: Death of Sardanapalus (1827)

Delacroix requested Delacroix so, here you go:

nol art delacroix death of sardanapalus 1827
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