Aggressive Swimming Rabbits: Conservative Violence, Abortion

When he was President, Jimmy Carter reported that while he was hunting in some swamp, armed to the teeth of course, a rabbit had swam toward him and acted threateningly. (Would I make this up?) The current orchestrated media reports about violence and threats of all kinds against Democrats remind me of this glory moment in American liberal history.

Several black Representatives affirmed that they had be called “nigger” on Sunday. Today, as I write, almost four days later, I have been looking in vain for visual or audio evidence of this alleged episode. Let’s think things through: Tea Party activists are demonstrating outside Congress in their thousands against a bill that enrages much or most of the population. There is no hostile press, there are no mikes, there are no television cameras to record the historic event and the precious “n” moment? Among the thousands of counter-demonstrators, in the Congressmen’s entourage, there is no one with the presence of mind to whip out his cell-phone camera and recorder to catch the insults? What is this, 1958?

With each passing hour without evidence, I become more persuaded that the insults story was fabricated and disseminated by a supine and complicit media.

It’s like Pres. Carter’s rabbit story: It probably did not happen; if it did, it’s regrettable but insignificant. Somewhere between 50 and 70 million Americans are angry because of the contents of the law (those small parts of it they know), and even more angry because of the way it was passed. Under the circumstances, if only two, twenty, or two hundred of them allow themselves intemperate language, it’s a cause for celebrating our collective reasonableness.

More recently: big brouhaha about alleged telephoned threats to Democrat members of Congress. It might have happened, and see above. Or maybe I did not happen, at least, not from the people the liberal media point to. Do I suspect that the allegedly targeted members of Congress arranged directly for such calls to be left on their answering machines? Probably not. Would I put it past them to have given tacit approval to excited and sneaky junior members of their staff to do it? No, I don’t. What better, quick, economical way to create enough sympathy to avoid the electoral consequences of their voting for the hated so-called health bill? All it takes is a lack of scruples.

As recently as two years ago, I would not have engaged in such speculations. The climate around political discourse in this country has changed drastically. There were the Chicago-style intimidation tactics during both the primary and the presidential campaign. There was ACORN’s documented sixty-plus registrations of the same nineteen year-old voter. There was the dropping of charges against two leather-clad young, big black men who showed up at a voting poll with truncheons. There was the Democrat Governor of Illinois caught trying to sell a Senatorial seat. And then, there were the gangsterish methods used to pass a bill and sign into a law a package of fake reforms vomited by a big majority of the American people.

What has changed also is that many of us are counting on most of the press to cover up and misinterpret the misdeeds of Democrat leaders and sometimes, to engage in blatant lies in their service.

Barack Obama has succeeded in giving intellectual extremism a good name.

Incidentally, someone did yell “baby-killer” at the turncoat Democrat Representative. I believe it because I heard it. This too is an object of much pious outrage on the Left. But why? Here is how I see it, very personally:

I don’t think a human egg fertilized an hour ago is a baby. Do I think a fetus forcefully removed alive from a womb in the eight month is a baby? Absolutely! I don’t know at what point of the fetal development I would begin to use the word “baby.” I am not guided by any religious doctrine. I think it would depend much on the appearance of the fetus. It’s obvious that there are subjective assessments involved. It follows from this simple fact that many may legitimately regard abortion as baby murder. This is not a small deal. The shouter was concerned about the use of his money to murder millions of humans. Why wouldn’t he say so aloud? Is it politically incorrect to protest loudly what one thinks is a plan for mass assassination of babies in cold blood? (Even if one is utterly wrong from a factual standpoint?) Have we all taken leave of ours senses, many conservative included? The fact that this issue has to be laid out carefully gives the answer.

Conservatives of all stripes, including those who are not of my particular stripe (libertarian-leaning), have been slowly poisoned into an obscene form of discretion. The disastrous health care law may be a wake-up call to induce us to speak clearly and vocally, for once. It’s better to be moral, honest and effective than to be liked by those you don’t like, who don’t like you, and who insult you repeatedly.

As a modest beginning, let’s stop using our adversaries’ dishonest vocabulary. Let’s stop referring to health care reform.” From now on, I propose:”HCD,” for “health care disaster.”

PS At this point in my life, I support restricted legal abortion as the lesser of several evils. My position is nearly identical with that expressed by Bill Clinton when he was President. The idea that abortion on demand is a “right” would make me guffaw if it were not so sad.

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