Soft Fascism?

I am trying hard to avoid joining the current hysteria but I can’t help reading signals flashing right in my face.

The President is going to address grammar-school, and middle-school, and high-school students. That might be OK though I don’t see why or what for. He is not a king but our hired servant. What’s not OK is that the federal Department of Education is sending teachers everywhere follow-up packets of suggested topics for post-speech classroom discussion, some with the word “inspiration.”

That’s a classical, conventional totalitarian strategy. A liberal commentator who struck me, that time, has   argued that it’s not because the teachers don’t have to follow the suggestions. I am sorry but I am sure 80% and up of teachers, at all grade levels, are Obama devotees. They probably constitute the core of the silly, adoring Obama constituency. They will follow the suggestions. They can be counted on to establish the foundations  of  an Obama cult of personality.

I have been holding casual, short conversations with a young man I like around the coffee- shop. (He is very likable in general; I think everyone likes him.)  He is a student of philosophy at one of the University of  California campuses. I like him for this; it takes bravery to major in Philosophy rather than in, say, Accounting. He is an Obama supporter, of course, but a thoughtful one.  He represents the best of what there is to like in political liberalism, including  a striving for rationality and generous  impulses.

We happened to be discussing local control of education. He began what sounded like a well-constructed argument with the rhetorical question, “You will agree that most people are stupid, right?” How can someone with such assumptions not be tempted to violate democratic process for a cause he considers as serving his idea of fairness? The lesson is that this young Obamist is not a bad person, far from it.

For all his disturbing actions and his strange discourse, the President is not Hitler, or even Mussolini. He is more like little-known dictator Salazar of Portugal. I warned months ago on this blog, very calmly, I must say, of the soft fascist character of the Obama movement. See my “Fascism Explained,” on this blog.

By the way, why do we have a federal Department of Education at all? Education is a local and state responsibility. Read the US Constitution.

When you create a government agency, it will sometimes do some good, I don’t deny it. It will always find some mischief to do to justify its continued existence. This is a perfect example.

One thought on “Soft Fascism?

  1. Thanks for posting, Jacques. You’ve echoed my thoughts exactly on many points, especially the question and answer, “why do we have a federal Department of Education at all? Education is a local and state responsibility.” The implications of Federal control are downright terrifying. Have you ever read Charlotte Iserbyt’s book on the subject? She worked in the U.S. Department of Education, and later “blew the whistle” on a number of downright sinister things she observed within the federal juggernaut.

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