Horse Meat and the European Union

Big scandal in the European Union about horse meat masquerading as beef. Neither in Europe nor in this country do people really understand the story. Good thing I am here with my cross-cultural skills!

First things first and a confession: I ate much horse meat as a child, something like twice or three times a week. It was cheaper than beef. The horse butcher was half a block from the beef butcher. Horse meat was cheaper. My mother was concerned that her sons would not develop the right kind or quantity of hormones if they didn’t get red meat at every meal. Well, I don’t want to appear immodest or lacking in humility but it appears that my mother was right about the effect of horse meat on virility!

We ate ground horse meat barely singed. It tasted good, a lot like beef, in fact but also a little sweet. We did not feel sorry for the horses. There was a horsey set in France but it did not live in the government housing where I grew up. We did not know any of them although we read about some of them in the tabloids. Long story short: There is no particular health hazard associated with horse meat if it’s normally inspected. It’s probably less dangerous than say, chicken. Continue reading