1. Buddhists have entered the era of militant tribalism” Hannah Beech, New York Times
  2. The German problem Samuel Goldman, Modern Age
  3. The Soviet century Aaron Smith, Harper’s
  4. Fully automated luxury communism Kristian Niemietz, Quillette

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. Perhaps the Buddhists have become more tribal, but seemingly considerably less so than say, Moslems these days. And cannot the same accusation be applied to U.S. Democrats?

    • Everybody has become more tribal, Jack. Even libertarians have hardened into camps.

      My explanation: Poverty as we once knew it is disappearing from the earth thanks to globalization. Middle classes are forming in once-poor countries. These middle classes are religious and patriotic.

      The middle classes in the once-exclusively rich countries are disappearing. The poor in these countries are better off than their ancestors materially. They’re also better off materially than most of the middle classes in once-poor countries. But they’re angry because they’re poor compared to their fellow citizens.

      Demagogues have taken note.

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