1. How conservatives won the law Steven Teles (interview), Wall Street Journal
  2. Libertarians in the Age of Trump Ross Douthat, NY Times
  3. Political theory for an age of climate change Alyssa Battistoni, the Nation
  4. Nationalists versus empire: A brief history of the African university Mahmood Mamdani, London Review of Books

6 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “Like most interesting churches, libertarianism is a diverse and fractious faith, and FreedomFest brings together all its different sects…” Heh heh. I may have to revise my opinion of Mr. Douthat.

    • I thought he was a sometimes interesting douche. I may upgrade him to intermittently interesting douche.

  2. #3. The piece by Battistoni, a PhD candidate in political theory at Yale and an editor at the communist publication Jacobin, is especially interesting.

    Left-statists are a lot like right-statists in that their theories for a better world now rely on catastrophes. In order for their policies to be undertaken, ecological disaster has to occur (or, in the case of right-statists, financial collapse). The whole socialist program depends on the world coming to grips with “man-made climate change” going horribly wrong. Assumptions speak volumes about ideas.

  3. As for Douthat, it always nettles me when someone refers to libertarianism as “right-of-center” or as a “form of conservatism.” I suppose, like most interesting churches, libertarianism is something that outsiders consistently fail to comprehend.

    • I must admit that if some church member is going to quote scripture at me I prefer Rothbard to Leviticus.

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