6 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “Like most interesting churches, libertarianism is a diverse and fractious faith, and FreedomFest brings together all its different sects…” Heh heh. I may have to revise my opinion of Mr. Douthat.

  2. #3. The piece by Battistoni, a PhD candidate in political theory at Yale and an editor at the communist publication Jacobin, is especially interesting.

    Left-statists are a lot like right-statists in that their theories for a better world now rely on catastrophes. In order for their policies to be undertaken, ecological disaster has to occur (or, in the case of right-statists, financial collapse). The whole socialist program depends on the world coming to grips with “man-made climate change” going horribly wrong. Assumptions speak volumes about ideas.

  3. As for Douthat, it always nettles me when someone refers to libertarianism as “right-of-center” or as a “form of conservatism.” I suppose, like most interesting churches, libertarianism is something that outsiders consistently fail to comprehend.

    • I must admit that if some church member is going to quote scripture at me I prefer Rothbard to Leviticus.

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