BC’s weekend reads

  1. Who’s who in Hamburg’s G20 protests
  2. But, if Marxism is not inevitable, it is nothing. Ronald Reagan, with his abiding fear that the Evil Empire would spread without intervention, was, in this sense, a much better Marxist than David Roediger could ever hope to be.
  3. It’s business as usual between Turkey and the EU
  4. So far there is not much sign of the fresh dawn that IS’s downfall should bring.
  5. Hell Makes the News

One thought on “BC’s weekend reads

  1. Holy cow, that Aero article is fantastic.

    Once, two of my self-identified Marxist friends were arguing about a passage from Capital (something to do with the lumpenproletariat, I think). One claimed the analysis was essentially wrong, the other saying “I’m a Marxist — I stick by the text.” The first said, “It’s not the Bible, you know.”

    I rarely ever meet any of the second variety. Usually I think of Marxists as post-Marxists, in the same sense that there are hardly any Freudians but plenty Lacanians. And yet, the burgeoning DSA explicitly draws on Marx and polishes his name at any opportunity.

    Precisely because he left a pretty large hole about how the future will actually be organized, his philosophical prefix (“I’m a Marxist”) means we can share a beer whereas all of his political torch-bearing suffixes (“I’m a Marxist… -Leninist, -Maoist”) means we can’t share a seat at the campfire.

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