BC’s weekend reads

  1. the Economist endorses the Liberal Democrats in UK election (in Europe, a liberal democrat is roughly the same thing as a libertarian in the US)
  2. One of the most important lessons of Trump’s success is that classically liberal rhetoric and positions were not very important to voters.
  3. It turns out that Westerners are rational, virtuous, and liberty-loving, while Orientals are irrational, vicious, and slavish.
  4. The West is indifferent to Afghanistan and Iraq’s world of terror
  5. Roman slavery, revolution, and magic mushrooms
  6. What the fuck?

6 thoughts on “BC’s weekend reads

  1. While it’s generally true that in mainland Europe the term “liberal” and “liberal democrat” is used for people who are classical liberals, the British LibDems are neither classical liberals nor libertarians but equate more or less to what Americans would call a “liberal”. In the UK it has the same weird and absurd meaning all you Anglo-saxons have given to the term liberalism.

  2. Thanks tl, good to know.

    Just curious: which party is most classically liberal/libertarian in the UK, if not the LibDems?

  3. Damn, you are a master clickbait artist. That quotation from Irfan’s post sure looks like something…Be careful you don’t get yourself accused of false advertising!

    • And, you know, I’m not not going to click on a link that reads ‘What the fuck?’ But then I do, and…ugh.

    • Some people, in my home town of hillbillies, even had a nickname for me: the master baiter.

      (Get it?)

    • I’m now going to try very hard to unread that last comment.

      But having read the “what the fuck” post, I can only say that I’m really psyched about my upcoming plane trip.

      Incidentally, I completely approve of clickbait that directs the reader to something I’ve written. Thanks!

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