One thought on ““Ugly Conservative Sacred Cows”

  1. Thanks for your blog post.

    Regarding education, the entire notion that government should educate is a sacred cow which should be slain forthwith.

    I highly recommend and beg that you consider four books. First, Yale Historian Berrnard Bailyn took aim at the “history” of American Education, describing it as a mix of hagiography and sales propaganda which gravely distorted the actual history.

    Education in the forming of American society, Bernard Bailyn.

    Second, Andrew J. Coulson surveys the field:

    Market Education: The Unknown History

    Third, E. G. West plows similar ground:

    Education and the State: A Study in Political Economy

    Lastly, James Tooley discovers and reports that many parents in the poorest parts of the world actually do pay for better education for their children.

    The Beautiful Tree

    Thanks for your attention. The last book, in particular, is a game-changer of a book.


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