Voting For Potty-Mouth Trump

I think Donald Trump has the attention span of a two year-old and the potty mouth of a six year-old reared by an indulgent grandmother who is also hard of hearing. I also think he is deeply ignorant on a very important issue (international trade) and I disagree forcefully with him on another (illegal immigration from the south). Finally, I believe there is little chance that a President Trump’s foreign policy would reverse the Obama precipitous decline of the US on the world stage, which I think is dangerous for Americans.

Not a pretty picture overall. So, it takes serious concerns for a dedicated, generally well-informed rationalist like me to vote for him. Here are the reasons why I will.

First, Trump has already told us whom he would appoint for the Supreme Court which sets the life conditions of American society for a generation or more. All his potential appointees are fine by me. It’s not difficult to guess that no Clinton appointee would be acceptable, not one, zero. Any of them would facilitate the creeping abrogation of the US Constitution we witnessed under Obama.

Second, I am certain – because it’s difficult to imagine otherwise – that a President Trump would try to stop and reverse most the climate change cult nonsense and relegate it to the level of a private religion where it belongs. His administration would allow an energy revolution sufficient in itself to rekindle economic growth. I see no prospect of normal economic growth under a Hillary Clinton presidency. (I mean 3% per year and over.) She has said herself that she would continue Pres. Obama’s paralytic policies.

Third, through the example of his sheer verbal brutality, Trump would lift some the yoke of political correctness. This is not a superficial or a light reform. I believe that political correctness actually paralyzes Americans’ criticality on nearly all issues. (Examples on request.)

My last reason is Democratic candidate Clinton of course, even if I leave aside every single one of the leftist policies she is likely to try to implement. Mrs Bill Clinton is still bought and paid for. The fact that I don’t know exactly by whom or by what only makes it worse. (Someone who would not braggingly share her $250,000 a shot speeches with the public is unthinkable to me.) On that account alone, if I had to choose between H. Clinton and Al Capone for president, it would be a toss-up. We know what interests Al was serving, after all.

There is worse: Her lies about her lies, her lies that have zero chance of being believed have become a proof that she is delusional, at least part of the time. By contrast, Trump ‘s untruths are like those of a little boy who can’t help himself from opening his mouth before he talks.

Presidential elections are not only about the presidency, of course. They give the winner’s party a confirmation of the validity of the principles it proclaims and of the policies it embodies. This is obviously true for well defined policies such as Obamacare. It’s true, more subtly, about cultural policies both explicit and implicit. Seven and half years of Obama administration have established firmly – with Big Media complicity – the language of envy and the spirit of beggardliness in American political discourse. Public speech is now built around platitudes, clichés, half-truths, and big lies repeated so frequently that they have become truth, Goebbels-style. The new liberal language is disgusting but completely predictable and thus boring. It’s also a form of child abuse. (Individuals who were 10 during Pres. Obama’s first campaign are now 19. They have never known public sanity.) As for Demo principles, there aren’t any. I count my blessings!

Donald Trump on his part, is his own buffoon. He is only an epiphenomenon. His objectionable traits are not part of a cultural movement. He is not contagious. There is zero chance the Republican Party, or the conservative movement are going to adopt his crudeness. Neither could if they tried.

I am angry about this cultural deterioration because I believe that in the long run what people do, what they accomplish collectively, is strongly constrained by culture. The contemporary American left-liberal culture shackles the imagination, and by doing so destroys many possible futures. Again, the Obama/Clinton conceptual swamp is vastly more of a lasting threat to America than the childish vulgarity and the ignorance Trump displays so frequently.

Being on the side of Trump often puts me in embarrassing company, I admit. But being on Clinton’s side would place me knowingly in vicious company. It would also range me squarely on the side of an intellectual class that has spent decades consolidating its collective blindness and its collective deafness about the reality of the world. It’s a class I know well because much of it lives in universities. There is no doubt that Trump as president is a big gamble. But Clinton is no gamble at all; her evilness is predictable.

Sometimes, to be a man of conscience, you have to gamble. That’s what I plan to do, on my behalf and on your behalf.*

* Public persons often contribute unwittingly to me finding my bearings: If Harry Reid, the corrupt real estate and proud deliberate liar loudly condemns Trump, there has to be something right about supporting Trump.

18 thoughts on “Voting For Potty-Mouth Trump

  1. Well, Jacques, let’s first acknowledge that Hillary will win CA irrespective of how or whether you or I vote. Voting is nothing but emotional venting. I will vote for Gary Johnson, and have sent money to his campaign and put bumper stickers on my truck. He will likely get no electoral votes, but has already advanced the libertarian agenda a lot.

    But if you put a gun to my head and commanded me to choose between the other two, I’d have to go with Trump. Hillary is as bad as you say, for the reasons you say. Supreme Court appointments are important, and climate hysteria should be tamed, though there is a genuine issue here that calls for analysis by scientists unsullied by government funding. I also agree with your third point, that the “yoke of political correctness” needs to be broken.

  2. One Citizen One Vote:

    Fifty individuals with media access display their sense of self importance by stating that they (all fifty of them) will not vote for Trump. That he is unfit for purpose. And Nixon, Bush and Obama were and Clinton is Presidential stuff.
    Can Trump do any more damage to Presidential Status in the good US of A than many of his predecessors. We do seem to get the politicians we deserve.
    The media access gang of fifty make the ability to declare war on other peoples a fundamental Presidential prerequisite. To kill others is a high priority then.

    Therefore the act of war or slaughter draws a reign of terror onto the populations of the Western citizenry. We really do need some more of that from our Western leaders. Anyone for an old fashioned game of “give peace a chance”?

    • “Can Trump do any more damage to Presidential Status in the good US of A than many of his predecessors.”
      Yes. Even some of the more sane Republicans know that electing a narcissistic sociopath is a bad idea. You tagged this as ‘satire’. My advice: don’t give up your day job in the hope of becoming a satirist.

    • Thank you for your concerns for my welfare. Satire is holding up to ridicule …mostly directed at people in power.
      you may be best served by not taking satire as your subject of concern.
      Or read G . Scarfe.
      Or not.

    • Selective interpretations:
      Words unseen by some … Peace, … War (mongering) ,… Media Access (insiders)
      Do read the content in full.


  3. I completely disagree with you that Trump is an epiphenomenon. True, the beltway republicans are not susceptible to his extreme xenophobia and buffoonery is just a manifestation of the GOP’s election strategy for the last fifty years. After Kennedy and Johnson isolated the southern Dixiecrat vote, the republicans started openly courting this vote which included racist xenphobes who would go far and away beyond dismantling “political correctness” and towards a cultural disentrgration that would destroy the gains we’ve gotten from the less excessive side of the the PC left, namely culturally recognizing the need to cultivate self-respect for minorities who are legitimately oppressed, to embracing an outright racist public discourse. That old Dixiecrat vote, who until now were content with just bubbling underneath the surface of the sincere conservative ideologues and country club republicans leading the GOP are now lashing out angrily in populist outrage, and Trump is just a result of that. Ultimately, the old Reaganesque conservative gaurd is going to lose its favor within the GOP’s own ranks and embrace this extremely illiberal populism, and they already are beginning to by tolerating and endorsing Trump, in order to win elections in the short-term. Giving Trump a victory in 2016 is just going to make Trump’s buffoonery catch on like wildfire in right-wing American politics, the way this type of illiberal nationalism is already catching on in Europe. Unfortunately, Trump is here to stay. It might not last beyond a decade or so as demographic pressures squeeze out the fesability of a major national party having people like Trump at the helm, but it is way more than an epiphenomenon.

    Also, I completely disagree with you on Climate change and am extremely skeptical that Trump will actually fulfill his promises on judge appointments, but that’s a debate for another day.

    • Zachry: I feel as if I had known you all my life. I could have written your comment for you because you speak in cliches. Long and short: Mrs Bill Clinton is a crook so fundamentally dishonest that she is an imminent danger to Republic itself. The Demo Party itself has been turning fascist (not a term I just throw at those I don’t like. I have an essay on fascism on this blog.)

    • I have an essay on fascism on this blog.

      Which you can find here (it’s really good).

    • @Zachary
      I think that you’re being overly pessimistic. I will grant you that the sight of Vichy Republicans tolerating Trumpism is nauseating, However the demographic pressures you speak of are not 10 years in the future they are here now. The Trump base of angry, old, white bigots [id est Jacques Delacroix] is not big enough to win a presidential election this fall and their numbers will decline over time. They die and their replacements, the neo-nazis and skinhead white supremacists are fewer in number.

    • Terry,

      Rereading my initial comment, it was a little overly pessimistic. I agree there isn’t enough white nationalist support to get Trump elected. However, if people who aren’t bigots, like Jacques, support him just out of dismay for Clinton and he does manage to get elected, then it would send a clear message to the GOP that the strategy of catering to that vote can win elections, and Trump would become more than an epiphenomenon.

      Also, it is worth noting that even if we grant that those demographic pressures are more imminent, little Trumps will still pop up all over in smaller local and state elections and the GOP appears more than willing to accept them. See, for example, Paul Ryan’s opponent in his primary. Even if there aren’t enough bigots to get a Trump elected nationally, there are enough to fill the house or governorships with a sizable minority of Trumps from select districts. Giving Trump a victory encourages the GOP to accept those little Trumps, which would definitely make Trump more than an epiphenomenon.

  4. Ilya Somin, a prominent originalist legal scholar, argues that Trump is not preferable to Clinton on appointment of Supreme Court judges.


    Extract: Some may still hope that GOP senators will curb Trump’s more dangerous instincts and force him to make good appointments. But there is little reason to expect Republican senators to rescue us on this issue. Few senators are profiles in courage, and it is rare for them to strongly oppose judicial nominees of a president of their own party.

    It is still possible that Trump might appoint an originalist justice at some point, if it somehow might advance his short-term political interests. But, in the long run, his agenda is deeply inimical to originalism and constitutional limitations on government power. In sum, Trump can’t be trusted on judges – and not just because he is generally untrustworthy. The problem is actually much worse than that.

    • I’d be voting for Gary Johnson and I’m really sure his Supreme Court nominations, like anything else he would do, would be better than anything coming from Trump or Clinton. He is of course an outsider, but that is no reason not to make every effort to get him above that status and spring a real liberty victory

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