Around the Web: Notewriters Edition

Woah, it’s been a slow week here at NOL. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’ve been busy. Michelangelo and Edwin have both recently had their work published by the Cato Institute, and that’s cool.

I wish, of course, that my fellow Notewriters would toot their own horns a little more often, especially on the blog, but rest assured loyal readers, we’re staying busy.

3 thoughts on “Around the Web: Notewriters Edition

  1. The March 2015 (74, 2) American Journal of Economics and Sociology is a special issue on theories of economic crises, or business cycles. My article is “The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle” pp. 278-297. Others are on the monetarist perspective, Marxian doctrine, Post Keynesian, the real-asset Georgist model, Neo-Polanyian, Kelsonian, and a “new framework.” There is also an editor’s introduction.

  2. I wanted to stop in and let y’all know how much I’m enjoying your blog and to thank you for following me. I’ve gotten some followers myself that I have a hard time following back, but I can really get into the topics that are discussed on Notes on Liberty. I have some politically oriented posts myself that are part of an on-going piece I call Fixing a Nation, and I was wondering what they chances would be of me helping out when NOL is having a slow spell. Let me know what you think and thanks again for the follow and great content.

    • Thanks for the kind words, That Man!

      You can always help out here by participating in the ‘comments’ threads. Your ‘Fixing a Nation’ segment sounds compelling, and I have to recommend Michelangelo’s recent piece “What is a Nation?” because of it.

      I try to follow back everyone that follows us on wordpress, even if most of them are just spammers. It’s a fault of mine I fear I’ll never correct!

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