Tabarrok on “Bernanke vs. Friedman”

Alex Tabarrok has a very flattering post at Marginal Revolution about my 2011 article,  “Ben Bernanke versus Milton Friedman: The Federal Reserve’s Emergence as the U.S. Economy’s Central Planner.” It seems that the President of the Richmond Fed has independently just made a similar argument.

One thought on “Tabarrok on “Bernanke vs. Friedman”

  1. Very cool. I wonder what it’s like to have your work associated with other great economists and ideas? You’re a rock star Dr Hummel.

    By the way, for those following along, here is the Bernanke versus Friedman piece by Dr Hummel that Dr Tabarrok referenced, and here is the recent paper by the President of the Richmond Fed.

    Mobile readers beware: Both links are pdfs.

    You can find some more of Dr Hummel’s scholarly work on the ‘Recommendations‘ page of the blog.

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