Taking Guns by Executive Order

I wrote recently about one of the American attitudes and set of beliefs about private ownership of firearms. (“Guns” ; “America and Firearms…“).

I need an addendum in view of current developments.

First, I want to confess that I wouldn’t be all that opposed to banning high-capacity magazine guns and rifles that can be turned into the currently illegal assault weapons, if I thought that would be the end of it. Nevertheless, I would never agree to such ban in the current cultural context. That’s because I think American gun-banning organizations are mostly in bad faith.

Let me put it in more clear words: I suspect they lie all the time. They are not merely after my so-called “assault weapon” (already illegal). If I let them have anything, I think, they will be after my duck shotgun next. Then, they will want the handgun that never leaves my house. Then, they will demand that I turn over the b.b. gun (very small-bore compressed-air rifle) that I use to sting marauding raccoons in the ass. (I do this because they insist in defecating en masse under my grape arbor, near where I sit outdoors in the summer. If they learned to shit on the neighbor’s lawn for example, I would let them be.)

To summarize: Gun control advocating organizations are liberals-led organizations. Not all liberals are liars but liberals leaders almost all are liars. That’s in addition to having no respect for the US Constitution.

Today, 01/09/13, the White House is making noises about using executive orders to curb firearm ownership. Executive orders are not in general the American way of government. They are absolutely not supposed to be used to avoid legislation. They are especially not supposed to be used to circumvent the Constitution. The White House announcement constitutes the kind of creeping fascism that proves that I should protect my guns carefully. The announcement is enough to motivate me to figure ways to hide the firearms the Second Amendment to the Constitution says I have the right to own. President Obama’s declared intent is not only creeping fascism, it’s also creepy fascism. (Note: “Fascism” is not a word I use lightly, to stigmatize those I don’t like, for example. I have disquisitions on this blog about what fascism is.)

Moral equivalence: There was another incident on the touchy border in Cashmere between India and Pakistan (“The Land of the Pure”). Two Indian soldiers died. I have no idea about who is responsible for what. I don’t even have a position on the sixty-year Cashmere issue. However, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the dead Indian soldiers had been decapitated. (Reported by TV5 , the international French language channel.) The Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs discussing the matter with the Pakistani envoy to India has a Muslim name. Different societies. I am not impartial. (And yes, I am writing for you too, silly Hindu liberal expatriates.)

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