How Fascism Will Come To America

John T. Flynn’s As We Go Marching was written in 1944, but there isn’t a line in this excerpt that doesn’t fit today’s situation perfectly.  I read the book many years ago and will pull it out and read it again. Fascism will come at the hands of perfectly authentic Americans who have been working … Continue reading How Fascism Will Come To America

The blatant fascism of Bernie Sanders

Ezra Klein, a Bruin and also a journalist, recently interviewed Bernie Sanders, an American Senator currently challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. Sanders is an old, extremely rich white man who describes himself as a “democratic socialist.” Check this out: Ezra Klein: You said being a democratic socialist means a more international … Continue reading The blatant fascism of Bernie Sanders

La mort d’un jeune homme, le verdict, la montee du fascisme, le racisme.

Je suis desole pour le manque d’accents et de cedilles. Avec mon logiciel de traitement de texte americain ils sont simplement trop difficiles a former. Introduction Fin Mars 2012, un homme denomme Zimmerman tuait d’un cou de feu un adolescent de dix-sept ans nomme Martin. Je decris le debut de cette affaire dans un rapport … Continue reading La mort d’un jeune homme, le verdict, la montee du fascisme, le racisme.

Thoughts about “sofa fascism”

Привет, подписчики и читатели сообщества! На днях перечитывал одну книгу Харуки Мураками. Так вот, в книге был эпизод, связанный со студенческими восстаниями в Токио в 1970 годах. Вся суть вопроса состояла в том, что после того, как восстания были подавлены силами правопорядка, вчерашние бунтари спокойно и без лишних слов вернулись к занятиям как ни в … Continue reading Thoughts about “sofa fascism”

Fascism and Socialism: What’s the Connection?

A commentator on EconLog has a great, succinct comment in a thread produced by economist David Henderson’s post on fascism and communism. Long explains the difference between the two: I think it has always been clear among most objective historians that there is little difference between fascism and communism. My take has always been that … Continue reading Fascism and Socialism: What’s the Connection?

Chicken Fascism

If anyone hadn’t yet gotten the message, the flap over Chick-fil-A ought to make it crystal clear that contemporary “progressives” are fascists, plain and simple. The issue, of course, is the CEO’s statement in opposition to gay marriage, which has prompted a backlash across the country.  San Francisco’s mayor tweeted “Very disappointed #ChickFilA doesn’t share … Continue reading Chicken Fascism

Fascism Explained Part 2

[Continued from Part 1] Why are leftists and their friends so often anti-Semitic? It was not just Hitler, Stalin also tried to deflect the problem of his country on to “the Jews.” That happened after the Nazi extermination camps had been discovered, largely by Russians soldiers. Melanie Kirpatrick had a piece on Hugo Chavez’ persecution of Jews … Continue reading Fascism Explained Part 2


Mr Trump is practically gone and he is not coming back. (For one thing, he will be too old in 2024. For another thing, see below.) The political conditions that got such an un-preposterous candidate elected in 2016 however, those conditions, don’t look like they are going away. (I hope I am wrong.) A large … Continue reading Post-Mortem

How I understand left and right today

One of the things that I discussed in my Ph.D. dissertation some five or six years ago was the concept of left and right in politics. In the context of my dissertation, the discussion had to do with the fact that 19th century Brazil had primarily two political parties, the Liberal and the Conservative. I … Continue reading How I understand left and right today