Around the Web

  1. How Government Sort Of Created the Internet. Fascinating read from the Freeman.
  2. What Happened? Will Wilkinson asks the tough question in the aftermath of a debate which I missed, but heard that Romney roundly is perceived to have won.
  3. The Next Industrial Revolution (it’s going to be in goods and services). Arnold Kling has written about this before. (h/t Tyler Cowen)
  4. Beirut: Security, Surveillance, and Navigation. As I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into anthropology, I’ve found that many anthropologists never get past the glorified journalism aspect of the discipline associated with introductory courses. This is a good example of that, but still worth a gander.

5 thoughts on “Around the Web

    • Yeah, I had to work. Or stare at a brick wall. I can’t even remember now, but both are more important than the televised debates.

      Although, I’ll be honest, I heard Mitt Romney kicked Obama’s ass, and that would’ve been cool to see.

    • More of your stupid?! Mitt didn’t actually win the debate. He was an asshat who lied from the start and violated debate ethics. And the fact checkers have been having a field day with it. Mittler stands for nothing. Plans to do nothing. Has called people like you worthless and stupid outright, and still you clap like a trained seal when he offers you more smelly fish.


    • I like Obama more than Romney, ’cause he don’t let himself unwise speeches about all the world and Russia. Maybe Romney not bad man and politican at all, but I don’t like his “second cold war” promises to our country.

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