Around the Web: Lazy Saturday Edition

I’m not actually being lazy, I am just doing a bunch of homework (wink wink).

Knowledge is Power, so let the WikiWar begin!

Illegally Wiretapped? In the US? Sorry, but the courts won’t help you.

Can Syria’s Christians Survive?

Public ignorance about Paul Ryan and federal spending.

3 thoughts on “Around the Web: Lazy Saturday Edition

  1. As Daniel Larison over at TAC noted, Ryan doesn’t have all that much credibility as someone against federal spending. His proposals never even touch the Pentagon, and back before it was popular for conservatives to spend less, he was a regular at Bush’s spending binges. But he reads Ayn Rand!

    • Hank,

      You and Larison are right, of course, and I share your sentiments, but Shapiro’s post is a good example of public ignorance and why it pays to be an irrational voter. You and I and Larison and Shapiro know that Ryan is a big-spending Bushie, but because the public is largely ignorant Team Left is going to paint him as a heartless budget cutter.

      If only he was!

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