Left-Liberal Hypocrisy and Bad Taste

Leftists always let their real soul slip through, somehow.

I know a young woman who lives in a country other than the US. She is not American. What she has in common with Santa Cruz, California liberals is, well, everything she says. (I can’t really know what she actually believes.) She says the world is fast coming to an end because of fossil fuels. She says, in so many words, that governments should take their money from the rich to give it to the poor (as defined by herself, of course). She says socialism is more fair than capitalism. (She has no idea what capitalism means.) Of, course, she talks as if the US government were a far worse terrorist than say, Osama Bin Laden. By the way, she does not want to talk about who was responsible for 9/11. I think she likes to feed ambiguity without paying the price deniers of terrorism pay in intelligent society.

This young woman also holds a responsible position in the service of a NATO government. She received an education from one of the very best schools in her country. Personally, I think that one-on-one, she is quite likable. At least, I like her in most respects.

Recently, I had a chance to look at her wedding pictures. They showed the bride in her bridal splendor, laughing guests, parts of a dinner party. Nothing more natural there. However, included in the set of published pictures was one of an expensive Mercedes convertible.

Why was the car treated as prominent member of a wedding party?

Weddings are about two individuals joining their lives together, in part, to rear children. It’s about their friends celebrating. It’s about people, isn’t it? Should be, especially among liberals who always act holier-than-thou in matters of material consumption, liberals who see themselves as are more spiritual than selfish, narrow-minded, gross conservatives like me.

What’s the flashy, environmentally unsound, insulting-to-the-poor, imported car doing in the middle of the wedding party? Do I detect such mind-boggling hypocrisy that the hypocrites don’t even recognize what they are?

By the way, no sour grapes here. I don’t care much about cars, never did. I only ask of a car that it protect me against highway drunks and that I don’t have to think about it. Conservatives are simplistic, for sure! I think expensive cars are the poor man’s art (and, I don’t mean financially poor! Wow, what a bitch I am!) The Mercedes in the picture did look good, not $100,000-good though. Think about how much you could do with that kind of money, for others, and even to cultivate your own self.

How utterly vulgar; how infantile; how astonishingly self-centered, how amazingly incoherent; how so very left-liberal!

2 thoughts on “Left-Liberal Hypocrisy and Bad Taste

  1. “Leftists always let their real soul slip through, somehow.”
    Now, that is brilliant. Not that I disagree with the statement. But I would expect something better from you. The statement is true for every single political, religious or personal taste choice. It is so true it’s irrelevant. Like saying the sun rises in the morning. Well, duh. Everyone will eventually let their real soul slip through. A liberal will make liberal comments and have liberal opinions. So will a conservative, a libertarian, a communist, a nazi, everyone.
    I dislike liberals just as much as I dislike conservatives. (I use both words in the sense usually given to them within the spectrum of American politics.) I am a little more sympathetic to libertarians, because even though we may disagree in many issues, they tend to be more consistent with their values and ideology, and I respect that.
    Of course, it is easy to poke fun at liberals. They want to keep all the benefits of capitalism they themselves enjoy, and “help” the poor (as opposed to eradicate poverty), and basically do nothing to actually make fundamental changes to the political and economic foundations of the system. Well, that is funny, indeed. Of course, the fundamental contradictions of such paradox will eventually slip through.
    The same is the case with conservatives, though. They moan and moan about “big government”. But try mentioning the fact that the best way to reduce the size of government in the US is to cut down on military and security expenses, and they will immediately go from moaning to foaming at the mouth. Or try to say something about reducing the government powers to jail and/or kill people without due process and you risk getting shot on the spot. Gee, I would think the government’s ability to jail/kill people should rank a little higher on the scale of a freedom loving person than the nuisance of environmental regulations or welfare programs, wouldn’t it?
    So, there we go with the obvious statement of the day – conservatives always let their real soul slip through, somehow.

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