The Cold in California, in Europe, and in Liberal Hearts (Updated)

Note: This is a replay.

It’s been an unusually cold and rainy month of May in northern California. Thousands of miles to the east and north, in Paris, France, a May cold record held for sixteen years was beaten recently according to Le Figaro of 5/11/10. I don’t know if any of this means anything in terms of so-called “ global warming” ( a few points don’t make a trend). I am certain however that the climate duffuses would be clamoring if the month of May had been especially warm in either part of the world. Al Gore is speaking in Santa Cruz this week. He is a rich man with no sense of ridicule. He became rich by selling imaginary protection against an imaginary ill, global warming, while living in a giant house and flying in executive jets with his entourage, Hollywood-style. Meanwhile, my wife and I dry our laundry on the line, in the backyard, like both of our grand mothers used to do. I wonder how many climate activists forgo an electric or gas dryer, to help save the planet. I have not found one yet though I keep asking.

Here is a micro story about how liberals think, a slice of life. Last Saturday, I go by a young friend’s of mine who is holding a garage sale. I may find something to buy from her in spite of my wife’s warning that she will divorce me if I bring anything else into the house (except the beautiful quilts I get for her at the flea market, of course). At least, I will bring my friend cheerful moral support. I know I am in enemy territory there, ideologically. It matters not because likability does not follow strict ideological lines and because those who are meritorious by conservative standards are not all conservatives. (A reason for hope, by the way.)

Soon, I drift to the next house belonging to an old hippie I like in spite of her politics. I like her because she is a smiling woman with laughing dancing eyes and because she maintains a great rose garden in front of her house. She introduces me casually to a friend of hers, a woman in her forties or early fifties. The old hippie has declared laughingly that I “pretend”to be a conservative. I guess she cannot reconcile in her heart her comradely liking for me and her political proclivities. It happens all the time with warm-hearted liberals who have not reconsidered anything since 1970. Their stereotypes of conservatives are incompatible with the humorous, affable, enlightened person that I am. (If I say so myself!)

The other woman has an accent. As I have said before, I am endlessly interested in other immigrants. (See: Why Immigrants are Superior) So, I linger to ask the woman how long she has been in the US, etc. We are somewhat alike. She does not miss the country of her birth much and neither do I.

“You are not really a conservative?” the woman asks.

“Of course, I am. I and my wife are registered Republicans. We voted for McCain.”

“How could you do that, in spite of Sarah Palin?”

“Well, Sarah Palin had more experience, was better prepared to be President than Barack Obama.”

“ You must be stupid.” my fellow immigrant declares emphatically.

Three or four minutes have elapsed since we first shook hands. The question of whether I might have some reason that she does not know, some view she does not understand, does not cross her mind. She is not the least bit curious, although I am almost certainly the first registered Republican, and the first avowed conservative, she has met face to face in Santa Cruz. There, at a small neighborhood event, in a friendly part of a friendly town, on the first sunny and warm Saturday afternoon, this woman’s heart is too cold to allow her to ask questions. In my experience, many liberals – not all – simply have cold hearts. Their professed compassion is a cover-up for what lurks there. I think charitable donations figures bear me out, by the way.

Yes, I know, I know, some conservatives are quick to judgment and mindless too. They are not in as dire a danger of uncriticality as are those on the Left because the leftist media are inescapable. You couldn’t shut them out if you tried. If you live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, especially, Lefthought is all around you; you can’t rest your eyes anywhere outside your house without being assaulted by it.

All the same, some left-wing preoccupations astound me time after time. One is this: Whence the instant rage against ex-Governor Palin – a person who occupies no political office – among left-wing women, especially? What chord does her very existence strike that provokes such women to murderous thoughts? My male intuition tells me it has to do with sex (not the category, the fun activity).

Any idea? I would welcome all opinions but those of female readers especially.

Moreover, I wonder how the unmistakable sense of intellectual superiority on the Left cohabits in the same brains with the primitive, proto-human, nearly simian responses evidenced by the incident described above.

I don’t know what the woman’s intellectual or other achievements might be that would account for (but not excuse) her reflexively condescending outburst against a near-perfect stranger. I am going to try and find out because I am a conscientious social scientist (now of the pop-sociology kind).

And yes, feel free to speculate about the raging woman’s country of origin. There is no harm in trying and it’s fun.

Update 5/14/10: The fellow immigrant who thinks I am stupid is an “interior decorator.” In this small town, it means: “self-employed sometimes employed by richer female friends.” There isn’t much going on that requires this kind of service. The occasional big hotel re-decoration is done by big shots brought in from out of town.

Why is life so predictable? Why can’t my guesses be wrong once in a while for a change? This is so tiresome!

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