The Fat Women and Bill O’Reilly

I was going to leave behind that storm in the tea-cup but it won’t go away. It’s there, on the TV, in front of me every time I go to the gym. Besides, it may have a cultural meaning, or several meanings, after all. So, here it goes:

Last week, the television host Bill O’Reilly got into a tangle on “The View.” It’s a morning show for women. (More below.) What happened is that two of the three fat women show hosts walked out on him because of something he said. They walked off their own show, like that!

First, O’Reilly. He has an evening television program that’s very popular, one of the most popular in the nation, and his simple-minded books are bestsellers. He is a blow-hard, not very well-informed, a little obtuse, and stubborn. His English is uncertain although he obviously spends his morning coffee time reading the dictionary. He is also clearly an Irish-Catholic prude of the worst kind. With all this, O’Reilly is very effective when he decides to right a scandalous situation nation-wide. Several times, he has put the fear of God in lazy, or malevolent, or dishonest state legislatures and forced them to do the obvious or the obviously needed. He used forthright terror in each case and named names.

Now, “The View.” As I said, it’s a women’s show. It comes on a ten on the Pacific Coast. (That’s why I catch it a the gym and only there and then.) It’s designed by women for women. The hostesses are five women. One is Barbara Walter, an old journalist who has been over-rated all her life. Yet, she is a reasonable women although lacking in general culture. She has had the immense good sense to invest her large media earnings into her continued good appearance. She looks nearly as good as she did twenty years ago. I respect that. Barbara is a classical moderate DC liberal. The second hostess is a fairly foxy blonde who plays the token conservative very well although her lack of bulk is probably a handicap. The three other hostesses, one white, two black, are fat. They are not “somewhat overweight” like most of us, they are frankly fat. None of the three could buy her clothes in a department story if she had to. One is a brassy New-York-sounding woman whose name escapes me, and it does not matter. She wears maternity clothes year-around. The other is a black woman with a pretty and sweet face and a sweet disposition most of the time. She often displays common sense. The last member is Whoopi Goldberg, a very large black woman who used to be a good actress. She became a media person years ago by making shocking statements no one expected from a black person. She learned to be an African-American white upper-middle-class oral radical with little ghetto on her.

The show consists of these five women giving their opinions and discussing them among themselves, mostly about events on the front page of USA Today and in the evening news. There is a formula to the show, I think: Four parts of “same young actress arrested for DUI, and male celebrity beating up live-in girl-friend for the nth time;” one part political happening. They are not well-informed on anything they discuss; their opinions are without interest; their conversations are superficial to the point where it’s painful. The show is quite successful as I said. It’s Lifetime Channel masquerading as information.

I realize this all sounds bitchy. It’s bitchy, fairly so, but not especially condescending to those who watch The View, or O’Reilly for that matter. I too watch trash, almost every day in fact.

O’Reilly, known to be a fairly abrupt guy, was discussing the planned “Islamic Center” near Ground Zero with the women, who had invited him. At some point, he said, “Muslims killed us on 9/11.” That’s what caused two of the three fat women to walk off their own show for a few minutes. Here is a logically parallel statement:

“A dog bit me.”

Apparently, we are not supposed to make this kind of simple declarative utterance anymore. Instead, we are expected to say something like this, “A mean dog- that is not representative of dogs in general – bit me.”

See the ridiculousness. Of course, we should let not such bullshit pass, ever. Rational people must not submit. They must piss on political correctness wherever they encounter it in daily life. I do my bit every morning, right downtown of the People’s Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz. The girls at the coffee shop ask me discreetly, “The usual?” “Yes – I confirm- give me an Americano in a non-recyclable paper cup. Make sure it’s not fair-trade coffee. I like my coffee beans grown by scrawny, sickly little indigenous farmers.” I feel that, with this bit of satisfying childishness, I contribute to collective sanity.

The View is so successful because it performs an important social function many smell but no one talks about. The bulk of its attraction is its bulky women. Let me explain.

Most American women have trouble with the Green Dragon. Who would not? The media they watch, their movies, the women’s magazine they have to look at at the hairdresser ( or at the “spa”) overflow with young women, and with other not so young, displaying impossible body geometries. Many actresses are so improbably designed, they would not fly if they were airplanes. Things were not always like this: Take a good look at pictures of Marylin Monroe in her glory days and you will see a woman of modest proportions whose flesh hinted slightly at flab. There was no trace of muscle on that woman. Had she not died so unfortunately, she would have entered shortly into her physical decline. She was very attractive, I think but she was an attractive flash in the pan by today’s standards. Why,today, the epidemic of female pulchritude on our screens is ever spreading! Even television journalists with a law degree and a former career would have won the bikini part of the beauty contest in 1960. It does not seem fair!

The main thing to remember is that feminism has failed utterly in its overt message: Women want to be sex objects, not less so, more so than before because of the progress of leisure time. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at any Virgina’s Secret product and ask yourself if the company is successful.

So, if you want to have a morning program, and therefore, one squarely aimed at women, you face a severe dilemma. On the one hand, you have to provide many stories about the usually loopy behavior of highly sculptured media and movie female stars. In addition, you must talk about the villainous conduct of even more finely sculptured male stars. The first one procures a chance to say, ” tsu, tsu, tsu.” The second gives women opportunities to enjoy the sensuous pleasure of indignation: “What an absolute pig!” That’s a sure recipe. It’s been followed forever by (morning) soaps, the Life Time Channel, and all American general women’s magazines but one (Vanity Fair.)

On the other hand, the constant exhibit of supernatural beauty leaves ordinary women high and dry and it puts a bad taste in their mouths. As we know, women in America are often harried by too many different tasks and most are overweight, and increasingly so. And those I would not consider overweight in my limited, silly male vision consider themselves overweight anyway. So, what to do: You administer a drug that is habit-forming but that makes the users unhappy in the long run?

The answer given by The View is original. It stages fat women doing the right thing during the short segments of the show that deal with serious issues. You chose fat women who will invariably disapprove of what’s wrong, who support what’s right, who are always on the side of common liberal decency. You chose loud women, like Whoopi Goldberg (who is also articulate). You chose them mostly black as a mute but strong demonstration of the inherent open-mindedness of the show. It’s not that their corpulence is tolerated or ignored. Rather, your spokeswomen for all that is right and against all that is wrong have to be fat.

The View gives fat women everywhere gravitas in lieu of the stunning, ravishing, man-annihilating fantasies they would probably prefer.

2 thoughts on “The Fat Women and Bill O’Reilly

  1. As regards the O’Reilly statement and the parallel you draw with, “A dog bit me”, I have one scruple. Well, two scruples. First when he says, “Muslims killed us on 9/11”, I don’t think us is very appropriate. Us, the objective case of we in English, is the first person plural. I for one, nor almost all people in the US, was not killed by Muslims on 9/11. Therefore your logically parallel statement is not quite logically parallel.

    Second, it seems clear the the hosts of the View that walked off the set were responding to the bigoted undertones of O’Reilly’s statement, equating all Muslims as the evil ‘other’, regardless of how technically true his statement was. In their response they were justified as reacting to bigotry and scapegoating, not to political correctness.

  2. Have to say I agree with Theo.

    Bill O is pretty disgusting. He, in my opinion, reflects what it wrong with the majority of (the tee-vee watching) Americans. Bill wouldn’t know truth if it, like your dog, bit his rear-end. But, the thing about Bill is this: he does NOT CARE about truth. Bill gets a thought stuck in his pea-brain, probably something he read from the NY Times (not the best source of facts, if it IS what most Americans consider “newz”), and he runs with it, at least for an entire show, if not longer. Bill has very strong opinions on newz based on NO facts. He does not investigate truth– as Bill seems to not care for truth. He wants and provides the visceral reaction that makes people say, “Whoa- did you hear/see Bill O last night?”, and that’s all he does.

    I guess I cannot stand that lunkhead, Bill, because he does as much to make lies bigger, each time he opens his (fat) mouth. He is what is wrong with this country. Were he to figure this out, that more than half of what he gets upset over is simply lies, and actually proffer some sanity– or even outrage over our current system (and our “president”, in particular), he might be doing a service for the country. However, as long as he furthers lies, his show and his thoughts and words are a major disservice to all who pay him any mind.

    Take Bill O’s oft-quoted poll of presidential candidates from back around the holidays. Ron Paul supporters blew that poll out of the water. The fact is, one could ONLY vote once in Bill’s poll, as I.P. addresses were recorded and prevented more than one vote. But, because Ron Paul did so well, Bill tossed the results, saying that it could NOT matter as Ron Paul supporters “found some way of cheating”. Well, as we are now seeing delegates in MANY states going the way of Paul, after the “beauty pageants” were big lies, themselves, what’s Billy O saying? Somehow, the delegates for Ron Paul MUST be cheating, too. This would include past-supporters of the also-rans who’ve dropped out (they MUST have been caught under the LIBERTY-Spell, or something, by some Ron Paul Jedi-mind-trick). When Bill does not want to accept fact(s) to the degree where he just calls them lies and reports exactly the OPPOSITE of what’s transpired or still happening, he IS doing the country a disservice and I believe his (stupid) show should be cancelled– or, at best, relegated to the ranks of a “drinking game”. Each time Bill tells a lie, everyone take a shot.

    But, the women of the View are not all that fat. Even little Sherry (not sure on spelling), the one you say has a sweet face, is not all that fat. She just has HUGE a huge bosom. Joy Behar is also not huge.. she’s pleasantly plump, and is in her sixties, so it’s not like she was always that way. Skinny Elizabeth is hardly skinny most of the time, as she seems to be popping out another baby each year. And, Whoopie? Well, Whoop has never been all that thin, but is that REALLY what you want to concentrate on? I used to enjoy their show, until 9/11 happened, and these (dumb) women went with the line, “Muslims killed ‘US’ on 9/11; therefore all Muslims are terrorists”. Enough of that line is far too much.

    I wish you’d concentrate more-so on the words these women say, though I guess I can understand why you’d not. I find them irritating, in general, and stupid, in particular. it’s sad, in my opinion, that Barbra Walters has so much money she is able to keep these women alive when there are SO many (much more) intelligent women on this planet from which she could easily glean a better cast.

    The View became the view-of-all-things stupid the day Elizabeth was allowed to get away with chasing off Rosie O’Donnell. At least ROSIE had some intelligent questions to bring to the fore. Perhaps it was too much for the other women to handle? For the firing of Rosie, I think the View has decided to cater to the the lowest denominator in the American viewing sector, and sadly, this is women, as they are who watch it.

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