California, Cradle of Creativity

This afternoon, I listened to a concert of Celtic music on the radio. It included Celtic music from Brittany in western France. Nothing astonishing about it except this:  The presentations and commentaries where all in a dialect of Chinese. You have to love California, sickbed of authenticity and cradle of creativity on a world scale.

11 thoughts on “California, Cradle of Creativity

  1. Californians are truly in love with themselves on a scale that goes largely unrivaled. I literally know of nothing to compare this. It infiltrates everything they touch. Obsessively clinging to material wealth and narcissistic ventures seem to be the Californian’s behavioral mantras. A bloated sense of significance is what comes to mind for the rest of the country when the “superiority” of Californians is projected…and somehow it always is.

    A while back, there was a book that came out dubbed Smile Southern California, You’re The Center of The Universe. I was intrigued, because of my opinion on the subject, of course. I read the synopsis of this book and was utterly disgusted. See, the author wasn’t being ironic or sarcastic. He was actually giving reasons he found legitimate for why California is the economic center of the world.

    Anyway, it’s more of the same and ultimately it reveals the fact that some people just don’t get it. What is IT, you ask? Well, that’d be my point exactly.

    • Jealous much? 😉

      Tell me eclecticspot, can you both surf and snowboard on the same day? You know, like spend a morning at the beach and an evening in a cozy cabin covered in fresh mountain powder?

    • Well said eclecticspot. I hear many of these folks are moving to other parts of the US. Socialism and mass migration has had an adverse effect on the “quality of life” and cost of living there. Lovely climate and scenery though.

    • Mass migration has been the mitigating factor in keeping us afloat, despite the policies of the socialists trying to impose their filthy values on all of us.

    • If so many native Californians weren’t emigrating to others States maybe Calif. wouldn’t need so many immigrants. My understanding is that the newcomers take in benefits more than they contribute in taxes for government services (housing allowances, food coupons, medical care, etc.). Here’s an article that might interest you on the subject:

    • Thanks for the article. It didn’t say anything about this:

      My understanding is that the newcomers take in benefits more than they contribute in taxes for government services (housing allowances, food coupons, medical care, etc.).

      Do you have any data to back this up?

    • Thanks. FAIR has been discredited for over a decade now; ever since it ran those TV ads blaming immigration for traffic problems (would I make this up?) in Virginia and getting caught for lying about the data for both population and immigration rates in the US. Nowadays only people who want to believe that immigration is a problem for economies cite that organization. It is irrelevant.

      Just curious: do you which American state has the highest immigration rate, and which American state is also one of the richest and most creative regions of the world? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Arizona or Alabama.

      Also, immigrants are bad for the economy because they “pay no taxes”? I don’t take this argument seriously since I haven’t seen any data to suggest it’s true, but even if I did, how would paying more in taxes contribute to the economy?

  2. Those of us who don’t dwell in Southern California or make a living from the entertainment industry are acutely aware of California’s troubles and shortcomings. And while those problems are a continuing source of frustration, we get to enjoy a great climate while we grapple with furloughs, increasing taxes, and special interest groups screaming constantly for more of whatever it is their particular groups wants. In love with ourselves? Not by a longshot. In love with the weather? You bet! I spent 16 years living elsewhere and it involved a lot of snow shoveling – I feel grumpy just thinking about it. 😉

  3. Don’t forget about NYC….even a native New Yorker I had lunch with recently was surprised when we found a combination Chinese/Mexican restaurant. We were told the business was forty years old (in three different dialects!).

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