BC’s weekend reads

  1. China’s Legalist Revival
  2. Does Europe need a new Warsaw Pact?
  3. Daniel Larison (PhD in Russian History) on Trump’s foreign policy speech
  4. The Anti-Trumplodytes
  5. Why Popular Sovereignty requires the due process of law

Around the Web

  1. Wasting the Golden Hour in America’s Iraq Meltdown. James Clad has a longish piece in the National Interest.
  2. Randy Barnett on Slavery, Libertarians and the Civil War
  3. Russian cinema trends: Biopics of Soviet stars
  4. ‘Invisibility’ wetsuits for Australian surfers. The LA Times reports.
  5. Matt Steinglass on race and juries in the US (and Europe). An interesting piece from the Economist.
  6. Miami Herald op-ed on the state’s bungling of the Zimmerman case

Around the Web

I apologize for the dearth of posts lately. I have been reading a lot of books the old-fashioned way, chasing girls down so that I can  smell their hair and generally just enjoying life post-graduation.

  1. Will Wilkinson blogs about the drug war’s inherent racism at Democracy in America.
  2. Rebecca Liao writes about Democracy in China for Dissent.
  3. Randy Barnett on the future of federalism after the “gay marriage” SCOTUS decision.
  4. Uganda versus South Korea. An interesting take on development by Andrew Mwenda.
  5. The Economist has a great piece on the violence in Turkey.
  6. Fascinating ‘comments’ thread on Hayek and Pinochet. I am going to dedicate a long piece to this thread shortly. American Leftists are just classical liberals who have come to think of themselves as superior to their neighbors. Leftists in Europe and Latin America are murderous.