1. The Geopolitical Risks of Trump’s Protectionism Shikha Dalmia, Reason
  2. A New Classic in Administrative Skepticism Jeffrey Pojanowski, Law and Liberty
  3. A short history of black people and their banks Towns & Hardin, LA Review of Books
  4. The popular connoisseur: Kenneth Clark, art historian Richard Dorment, NY Review of Books

Lunchtime Links

  1. Nation-Building, Nationalism and Wars [pdf] | Would A Libertarian Military Be More Lethal?
  2. Formal or Informal, Legal or Illegal: The Ambiguous Nature of Cross-border Livestock Trade in the Horn of Africa [pdf] | A note on the police or – “Why I don’t trust the police.”
  3. Political Cleavages and Changing Exposure to Trade [pdf] | Slowly debunking the trade leads to peace fallacy
  4. Realism, Liberalism and the Iraq War [pdf] When Should Intellectuals be held Accountable for Popular Misrepresentations of their Theories?
  5. High-Value Work and the Rise of Women: The Cotton Revolution and Gender Equality in China [pdf] | When (Where and Why) Women Were More Literate than Men