Some Monday Links

Never-Before-Published Hannah Arendt on What Freedom and Revolution Really Mean (Literary Hub)

Boom and Gloom (Claremont Review of Books)

The Bitcoin Law: Counterfeit Free Choice in Currency (Alt-M)

Huge Diego Rivera mural about to go up at SFMOMA (The Mercury News)

NOL has revisited works of Diego Rivera here (this particular mural, aka Pan American Unity) and here (another mural, Frozen Assets – Fondos Congelados – from 1931).


  1. In praise of Donald Trump’s foreign policy Bartle Bull, Critic
  2. Testing the narrative of Prussian decline Ethan Soefje, Age of Revolutions
  3. Blame the Boomers? Arnold Kling, askblog
  4. Freedom from the market Henry Farrell, Crooked Timber