The Keystone Pipeline

You may have heard recently that the appropriate federal agency declared  the Keystone pipeline would pose no significant dangers to the environment. I doubt this will stop the green fanatics. Nor is the probability that oil no refined and used in this country will be mostly exported to China where environmental laws are lax and not often enforced. Rationality is not their forte, as a rule.

It appears that there may be a chance to influence the decision to build or not via an on-line petition. I don’t know what is the probability of its working is but the cost seems so low it would be a pity not to try a click. Besides, enough signatures may make Mr Obama squirm a little irrespective of the decision he makes.

Go to: [it’s actually – bc]

Go to: “Go to Make Your Voice Heard,” [it’s  actually the ‘Take Action Now’ tab that you’ll want to click on – bc]

A simple sign-up box will appear.