Some Monday Links

The ‘Adam Smith of the North’: Meet Finland’s Founding Father of Classical Liberalism (FEE)

On Anders Chydenius. The Governor of Bank of Finland in a 2019 speech outlined his work, to stress the “joint Nordic and American societal heritage, which is fundamentally linked to economic liberalism and the market economy”.

The Fall Of The Meritocracy (The American Conservative)

The Communist Manifesto Shows Why Capitalism Won’t Last Forever (Jacobin)

Why Braveheart Is Considered One Of The Most Historically Inaccurate Films Ever (SlashFilm)


  1. An insomnia epidemic? Katherine Lucky, Commonweal
  2. Childhood: facts versus fads John Simmons, LARB
  3. The many lives of Túpac Amaru Miguel La Serna, Age of Revolutions
  4. The legacy of Yevgeny Zamyatin Jacob Howland, New Criterion


  1. China’s foreign fighters problem Mathieu Duchâtel, War on the Rocks
  2. Your failure of imagination is not my problem Zoe Todd, anthro{dendum}
  3. Sustainable dystopia: a form of permanent stagnation Nick Nielsen, Grand Strategy Annex
  4. French is an Indian language Blake Smith, the Wire