Some Monday Links

Pop Culture Has Become an Oligopoly (Experimental History)

Linked to a relevant piece here some months ago. Still cannot decide if arguments like these are up to some serious insight, or they’re just glorified presentations of common sense (or both, or neither). Enjoyable, worth a look, nonetheless.

Devouring the Heart of Portugal (Damn Interesting)

The leak:

A Return to Fundamentals (City Journal)

What the Leaked Abortion Opinion Gets Wrong About Unenumerated Rights (Reason)


  1. Soviet champagne, for the working man Jessica Gingrich, Atlas Obscura
  2. Radio and modern state power in Angola Jesse Bucher, Africa is a Country
  3. East and West Germany in 2019 Sumi Somaskanda, New Statesman
  4. The deeply dedicated American state Michael McFaul, New York Review of Books


  1. Notre Dame is a magnificent monument to a misunderstood age Rachel Lu, the Week
  2. A rock, a human, a tree: all were persons to the Classic Maya Sarah Jackson, Aeon
  3. ‘A Painter Not Human’ Ingrid Rowland, New York Review of Books
  4. The Joe Miller model David Gordon, Africa is a Country