Nightcap: the end

Folks, I’ve got a ton of writing projects on my plate. I am trying to make the switch from non-fiction to fiction, too. Oh, and I have a small family now. And a career in the private sector that is going quite well. My priorities have changed.

I’ll still be blogging here, of course, but the “nightcaps” are done.

It’s weird how life changes. It’s weird to think that I’ve hitchhiked through Mexico, the U.S., Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France. I lived in Ghana. I did drugs. I listened to political hip-hop and punk rock. I’m a dad now. My oldest child will be 4 soon. I don’t even listen to music anymore. I just sing along with the kids to Mary Poppins songs. Did any of that stuff I learned while young mean anything?

My devotion to liberty has changed, too. I’m not as political as I once was. I’m not as important as I once thought. My voice really doesn’t matter all that much, at least in the public sphere. I don’t vote in American elections, but I do vote at shareholder meetings. My life has shifted inward. My private lives are much more fulfilling than the public ones. At least in this new phase of my life.

Have a good weekend!

14 thoughts on “Nightcap: the end

    • Thanks. I’ll still be around, blogging like crazy. It’ll just be different…

  1. That’s a shame. I’m relatively new to NoL and the Nightcaps, just in the last six months or so, but you’ve introduced me to a wide variety of reading avenues that I otherwise might not have found. Best of luck and enjoy nurturing those private lives.

    • Thanks. I’ll still be around, enjoying these conversations!

  2. Welcome to the real world, Brandon. Still, you’ve been a good friend and s sensible one for the decade we’ve been (internet) friends and compatriots. Good luck in all you do.

    • Thanks Neo. I’ll still be blogging, but my daily nightcap series is over.

    • I understand that, and I understand what the daily strain of getting that up must have been. It’s been useful though, and I, like others, will miss it.

    • Thanks Jack, but do stick around for everything non-nightcap at NOL!

  3. Well done Brandon. When I got a kid, I went into academic writing, leaving active party politics behind. So indeed it is a phase. But the liberty flame will stay inside, and the desire to write as well. No doubt about that!

  4. NIgthcaps don’t matter all that much. Your voice matter, so does your clear vision. You have put enormous energy and high intelligence to work in creating a new intellectual anchoring point for many. I can’t think of anyone who would have done so much in such a short time. Of course, you have every right (more than most) to pursue your own individual interests (in all meanings of the word). I wish you would treat this transition period as a classical organizational transition crisis. I mean that you must set up your own succession. NOL has revealed much talent over the years. Some of this talent probably has loose executive ability. Don’t be shy about drawing people out and propositioning them. Create an editorial executive committee, that you will preside over. It will allow you to spend more and more time away from NOL business while giving this great instrument a good chance to survive.

    • I am guessing that part of the problem is that your own performance is intimidating. (Trust me, it’s hard on me to flatter your like this but I have known you since you were in knee pants!) The solution may be to re-assure potential candidates: 1 by assuring them that each would only be responsible for a fraction of what you currently do; 2 that you don’t plan to run away very far. If the pie were divided, problems of coordination would surely arise. What a great, real life experiment in libertarian governance! Looking at the issue from a comfortable distance it seems to me that : 1 You have every right to live your live without being enslaved forever; 2 NOL is a great achievement; it may be the best liberty-oriented blog in the world. It should not be allowed to die for lack of manpower. Two final thoughts: First, you have every right to be tired because you have done so much in such a short time with such few resources. If you did half as much, you might become rested and NOL would survive. Abandoning the nightcaps was a step in that direction. You can take more such steps. Last comment: It’s probably difficult for you to imagine (as it is for me), but some capable and interested people are probably stopped from offering themselves because of humility. We must entice them to come out.

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