1. I, Lockdown Aeon Skoble, RCL
  2. On bad government Chris Dillow, Stumbling & Mumbling
  3. On libertarian world government Notes On Liberty
  4. Sorry for whatever Bryan Caplan, EconLog

2 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “On Bad Government”: When government must be justified by the inevitable behavior of the governed and provided by some of them, how can good government be expected outside stochastic accident?

    “On Libertarian World Government”: Isn’t this only a convoluted discussion of subsidiarity?

    “Sorry For Whatever”: Hasn’t taking offense become a current political attack weapon, alongside “You’re a racist”?

    • Jack, you need to freshen up on your Federalist Papers reading. Start with nos. 10 and 51. James Madison already answered all your very good questions!

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