My Political Paranoia on Speed

I gave myself a little time to react to the Super Tuesday Democratic Party primary results (in the US). I wanted to examine my own head and my own heart first. Incidentally, I don’t feel shy about spouting off today. The professional pundits have proven again that they don’t know much of anything.

V.P. Joe Biden came up from behind in an astonishing sweep of several states. First, I don’t know how it happened. It’s credible that the heart of the Dem. Party was always sort of moderate although we were misled by the hype about socialist Sen. Sanders. Second, it’s possible that the Dem leadership, national and local, worked double time toward an unlikely Biden victory. All the same, it remains hard to believe.

I have two fears, a little one and a big one. The little one first: Should VP Biden actually get the nomination and should Pres. Trump agree to debate him, I am afraid he, Mr Trump, will not be able to restrain himself, that he will bully Mr Biden on stage, even make him cry. That would be a disaster big enough to guide tender-hearted undecided voters away from the president. In a close election it might just make the difference.

Now, about my second fear, but let me start with a reminder. Those who know me a little are aware of the fact that I don’t readily adopt conspiracy explanations (of anything). I also have a record of keeping paranoia at bay. Ordinary human folly and bad luck explain almost everything I don’t like. This time is different.

It’s almost impossible to not see what I see: Mr Biden is not capable of being president. He is too old to sustain the stress. He is too mentally fragile. The fact that he gave a decently coherent victory speech Tuesday night does not modify much my opinion. Mr Biden and I are the same age and I am well aware of the short term miracles that pharmacology can produce. (And by the way, I don’t make much of the fact that he briefly confused his wife for his sister. That may just have been a shout out to Rep. Ilhan Omar.) Moreover, Mr Biden is corrupt if not directly, for his relatives. Corruption and senility make an explosive mixture.

So, if the Dem apparat is aware, it may never have to worry about Mr Biden’s ability to govern, or not for long. If he obtains the nomination, the Dem elite will produce yet another Clinton miracle. Hillary Clinton will become the VP nominee. If they win, soon after President Biden’s inauguration, he will retire informally, or even formally. Ms. Clinton will then at last have the presidency that is owed to her.

Alternatively, the Dem elite is not cured of its identity obsession and confusion and it will choose as a V.P candidate, the low-achieving, snobbish, and anti-American Michelle Obama. Same scenario except that the occult Dems will exercise even more power.

Tell me I am crazy. Please.

One good thing has come out of this 2020 Dem. primary: The myth has been put away for a while that one can buy an election, at least as directly as Mr Bloomberg tried to do. He may yet try to buy if for Mr Biden, of course.

8 thoughts on “My Political Paranoia on Speed

  1. “Should VP Biden actually get the nomination and should Pres. Trump agree to debate him, I am afraid he, Mr Trump, will not be able to restrain himself, that he will bully Mr Biden on stage, even make him cry.”

    That’s an odd concern, seemingly a reverse of the likelihoods given their records. Not that Biden’s an especially strongman figure, but Trump bursts into baby whines about everyone being meaner to him than anyone has ever been to anybody at the drop of a hat. If I’d whined at five like Trump does at 73, my dad would have busted my ass.

    “Mr Biden is not capable of being president. He is too old to sustain the stress. He is too mentally fragile.”

    The same things have been said of Trump. And the claims seem to have merit.

    • I have never seen Mr Trump cry. I was thinking big tears, on stage. It’s odd that you should call Mr Trump not capable of being president now. What proof would you need beyond being more likable (to you)?

  2. I have never seen Mr Trump cry. I was really referring to big tears, on stage. It’s odd you would say this about Mr Trump now. However you hate him, you migth recognize that he now has a big record of achievements that are normally credited to presidents.

  3. Have you ever seen Biden cry big tears on stage?

    As far as Trump’s ability to be president is concerned, you are the one who asserted that age, mental fragility, incestuous innuendo fueled by senility, and corruption make Biden incapable of being president. Since Trump clearly suffers from all of those same problems, it is you, not I, asserting a presidential disability on his part.

    • I read this. Thre is nothing left to say about Mr Trump’s unsuitability for the job. Everything has been said already. I live in Santa Cruz, California. Do you think there is anything I have not heard? Not worth discusssing anymore. TDS?

    • Oh, for the love of Pete. No, not “TDS.” Merely pointing out that Trump suffers from all the same defects that you attribute to Biden. If those defects make one unsuitable to the presidency, they make one unsuitable to the presidency.

      I don’t really care that much which Democrat (Sanders, Biden, or Trump) gets elected in November. My default is always to want the incumbent gone, because the incumbent always sucks, but it’s not like their successors are ever especially an improvement either.

  4. I am sorry but the evilness of Pres. Trump and/or his incompetence were not and are not really my topic. As I said, everything has already been said on these issues. I urge you to write a piece on your topics for Notes on Liberty.

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