Learning Academic English Through Leftist Propaganda

Yesterday, in a large bookstore Apollo (part of the major shopping mall) in Tartu, Estonia, in a section “English books,” I stumbled upon a bunch of leftist literature.  It is offered as the mainstream political and social issues books to those Estonians who learn English and those English-speaking people who live in the country. Among this literature is virulently biased Fear: Trump in the White House by Bob Woodward (Trump as a “Russian asset,” “fascist,” and so on), then a diary of the leftist sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (progressive profs usually force their sociology students to love this “classic”), and a primer of the identitarian left Racism: A Critical Analysis by Mike Cole. The “crown jewel” of the shelf was Crowds and Party by Jodi Dean, a rising star of current aggressive college leftism. In this book, she seeks to exonerate communism and class warfare, and to rekindle the Leninist concept of the vanguard communist party as the alternative to “evil” “neoliberal” capitalism. Of course, one could not see any conservative or libertarian literature on those Apollo bookshelves to serve as an alternative. 

To me, this choice of social and political issues literature, which I frequently observe during my travels at airports, shopping malls, and major bookstores around the world, serves as an inspiration to fight on to change this “mainstream.” I also hope that the young YouTube generation does not pay attention to this paper garbage. What worries me is that some well-rounded Estonians who might purchase this propaganda in hope to learn non-fiction and academic English might internalize the leftist jargon and receive distorted picture about what is going on in US. 

5 thoughts on “Learning Academic English Through Leftist Propaganda

  1. Thank you so much for this marvelous lexical divertissement, Andre. We at WOOF also like to explore the Left’s anti-communicative assaults on the mother tongue, viewable for instance in our “Hardcore Lexicography” archive. (We think web links are ill-mannered in responses meant to show appreciation.) But about Jodi Dean–,it’s worse than you think! She is lately writing exhaustively (okay, exhaustingly) about UFOs and the alien-conspiracy subculture.in America. You can imagine the deconstructive high jinks! When they came for Trump, we called it predictable. When they came for our racial attitudes, we called it risible–but when they come for our flying saucers? That’s a bridge too far, don’t you think? It’s time we unite against the furtherance of such linguistic rascality! Let us shout in unison, in language too perspicuous for even the most radical critical analyst to misconstrue: “Gort! Klatuu barada nikto!” Who’s with us?

    –Your appreciative fans in the WOOF Cave

  2. Ironically, this collection of literature paints an incomplete picture of the intellectual/political culture of the English speaking world.

    The majority of academia represents the sentiments of a minority of the population. Only a minority of academia represents the ethos of the majority.

    While more intellectual diversity would be nice to see at the specified bookstore. Many Libertarian classics such as Human Action can be obtained for free online.

    I personally believe the bigger issue, which transcends culture and national boarders, is inoculation against faulty ideas and reasoning. The below quote from Aristotle comes to mind:

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    There are means via Amazon and other resources available via the internet to circumvent the lack of diversity in reading material. The bigger endeavor is to enable people to reason in a manner where they do not dogmatically accept Leftist ideology.


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