1. The conversations that cryptocurrency kills Sonya Mann, Jacobite
  2. How and why the 1st Amendment became a weapon for the right Jedediah Purdy, the Nation
  3. Are libertarians crazy? Pierre Lemieux, EconLog
  4. As Venezuelans starve, Maduro gives oil away to Cuba Jorge Carrasco, CapX

3 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. “There are certainly more eccentrics among libertarians than among adherents of mainstream political philosophies…” Lol. And most fringe political philosophies as well.

    • And what are your thoughts on the calls, ever increasing, for restrictions on free speech by progressives? (Link #2)

    • Let me put it this way: telling you my thoughts on progressives calling for restrictions on free speech would involve using language that you discourage at NOL.

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