Eye Candy: garbage versus trash (American dialects)

NOL garbage versus trash USA

I’ve always said “garbage,” but down here in Texas they use the word “trash.” I have no idea where I found this, and I can’t verify the source, but it looks right to me.

Any contrary arguments about this map?

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: garbage versus trash (American dialects)

  1. I’m naturally contrary. Southwestern Ohio is a pinkish fog. That rings true to me. Growing up we used both terms. Garbage was usually used when organic/wet stuff was a large proportion of throw away material. Trash was more discarded non-organic stuff.

    • I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. I can’t come up with anything that NJ has in common with Wyoming and South Dakota. I’ve never been to NJ, but I’m pretty sure it’s waaaaaay different than the other two. Maybe Jersey-ites figured out that Florida sucks and now move to WY and SD when they retire?

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