A note on the three Californias and arbitrary borders

As many of you may know, there is a proposal to split up California into three parts: north, south and ‘ye olde’ California. This proposal is idiotic on several fronts. For starters the best university in LA, the University of Southern California, would find itself in ye olde California. Meanwhile my university, UC Riverside, would overnight become USC Riverside. Now, I wouldn’t be against the Trojan football team relocating to Riverside, especially since Riverside doesn’t have a team of it’s own. However the proposed split would cut off the Inland Empire and Orange County from Los Angeles county.

This despite the fact that the greater LA area is composed of LA-Ventura-Riverside-San Bernardino-Orange counties. These counties are deeply interwoven with one another, and dividing them is bizarre. Imagine the poor “Los Angeles Angels at Anaheim”. What horrendous name will they have to take on next? The “San Diego Angeles at Anaheim”?

Beyond it’s idiocy the proposal makes a larger point: government borders are, for the most part, arbitrary and plain stupid. The proposal to split up California ignores the regions socio-cultural ties to one another, but there are countless other examples of senseless borders.

For example, who was the bright guy that decided to split up Kansas City between Missouri and Kansas? And let’s not even get started on the absurd borders of the old world.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Post in the comments.

4 thoughts on “A note on the three Californias and arbitrary borders

  1. I have a few thoughts.

    Let’s start with your assertion that USC is the best school in Los Angeles. That’s simply not true. Everybody knows that all the smart kids go to UCLA, and the rich kids go to USC. Smart > Rich.

    The ballot proposal system just keeps getting worse and worse. Remember Prop 8? When will California learn from its many mistakes? How many more people have to leave the dysfunction for better places (Texas, for example) before California’s Boomers realize their system of governance is anything but inclusive.

    Borders are tricky. They’re dumb, but moving beyond borders is a tough concept to think through!

  2. Lol, but the chosen borders do not seem arbitrary. Rather, they are chosen so that three Leftist regions–SF, LA and SD–dominate each state. Result, 6 Leftist US Senators rather than 2.

    Ain’t gonna happen. Congress won’t support it. Your school and team names are safe.

  3. It’s sad that the people pushing for Jefferson State would be doubly screwed by this. Their whole raison d’etre was to avoid being politically dominated by super liberal/urban coastal Californians. Now they would lose the few remaining quasi-conservative districts in the whole state and their influence would be even further diluted. Expect pitch forks and intra-state civil war if this ever happened.

    Others have mentioned that this is basically an excuse to get 4 more democratic senators. Not a bad point, though the new SoCal would definitely be purple at best.

    Finally, there’s the real risk of having “California Fruit Police” popping up at every new border to waste everyone’s time and money even more expeditiously. All the waste of one California, now in triplicate.

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