Eye Candy: Computer games, worldwide

NOL map computer games.png
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These are the most-owned games on Steam, a digital distribution platform (wiki). This was fascinating to me for a bunch of different reasons. You can come up with your own, I’m sure. Here are the wikis for the games:

I have played none of these games…

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Computer games, worldwide

    • Weird, right?

      This is all based off self-reporting, so I doubt North Korea or Niger has many Steam subscribers, but there’s something about this map that keeps me coming back. Stepping away from geopolitics, I marvel at the fact that so many people around the world have this kind of leisure (I sure as hell don’t!). It’d be cool to look at how many subscribers Steam has in each country, too.

  1. Video games are cultural products. There are big differences in consumer tastes among different cultural areas. Variations in aesthetics regarding avatars & landscapes are huge cost factors. Similarly differences in individualism/collectivism result in consumer preferences for different ‘playstyles’ i.e. grouping versus soloing. Gaming is one of the two industries I focus upon when I teach International Strategy.

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