Liberals and Conservatives should stop talking about guns

I’ve come across some great journalism on guns and gun control recently. Here’s the key points:

  • Most gun deaths are suicides. Many of these suicides would have happened were a gun not available, but many of them wouldn’t have.
  • Most gun homicides mostly affect young black men.
  • More guns does not equal less crime.
  • Gun accidents affect very few people.
  • Cost-benefit analysis would likely suggest improving safety other places would save more lives, given limited budgets. (e.g. changing attitudes on vaccinations)

A basic theme seems to be that government can do little on the margin to reduce gun deaths. Crime rates are uncorrelated with number of guns, or regulations in place. Upright citizens do not turn into Rambo when they see dastardly criminals mug little old ladies. Guns are actually sort of boring in practice.

It’s possible that the government could affect gun deaths with a comprehensive gun control policy backed by public opinion (the Australian option). But it would likely cost so much that you’d lose the budget and/or political capital to enact other reforms that would be less controversial and save more lives.

We don’t torture people in America, Todd. That’s called one of the amendments.

What about the second amendment? The real argument for the second amendment is that having armed Americans around is pretty practical in general, but also important to prevent tyranny. In practice, guns aren’t half as practical, in terms of personal or national defense as back then. The capability of America’s military is so extraordinary that American’s don’t stand a chance of fighting a corrupt American government.

Let’s acknowledge that the Bill of Rights, though surely important, is ultimately a piece of paper that is neither sacrosanct nor a practical guarantee of anything in particular. The founders were brilliant, but fallible. The constitution is frequently ignored by governments, and citizens often do little to discipline such governments. Second amendment advocacy is mostly a symbolic gesture that probably comes at the expense of using political capital to protect the fourth amendment (the one that should protect you when the government decides to take your guns, cold dead fingers or no).


There are weak arguments to made in favor of gun control and weak arguments to be made in favor of protecting the second amendment. But mostly this whole debate seems like a distraction from more important issues. Symbolically valuable? Sure, but at what cost? The cost is the political will to make a bigger difference somewhere else. There are more valuable freedoms to protect, better interventions to pursue, and more lives to be saved.

5 thoughts on “Liberals and Conservatives should stop talking about guns

  1. “Cost-benefit analysis would likely suggest improving safety other places would save more lives, given limited budgets. (e.g. changing attitudes on vaccinations)”

    Likely? Speculation about what research would show is ok, actual research would be better.

  2. It boils down to which rights you are willing to give up to the government. I say none. There is no logical reason to fear a law abiding citizen in possession of a firearm. It is the equalizer against criminals for women and old people who do not have the physical power to defend themselves. The bad guys never obey gun laws or bans anyway.
    The military is very powerful and well trained, but they have families and relatives who they would not turn on to squash a legitimate rebellion. If it did happen, the result would be a slow, bloody, and costly low grade conflict. Many civilians are prior military and have a skill set that can be lethal.
    It is a valid debate to many of us who value each and everyone of our freedoms. Taking one away is a slippery slope. History has taught us that statist oligarchs, and dictators never stop at one. JMHO.

    • I agree on the slippery slope argument. My biggest concern is that the political process can only handle a few issues at once.

      Given a scarcity of political will and attention, I’d like to see people working harder to protect those rights that are on a more slippery part of the slope.

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