Gun Control Works Just Fine in France

In semi rural Normandy, in France, a mass is interrupted by two young men who speak Arabic among themselves. They force the aged priest to kneel. They demand that some of the faithful present video the next scene. Then they cut off the priest’s head with a long knife. They don’t shoot him!

After this, they take several people hostage, injuring one seriously and they attempt to escape. The police are waiting for them outside and shoot the decapitators dead.

In this true story, only the police had guns just like liberals and President Obama want it to be the case in the US. The murderers almost did not commit their crime because they only had one gun that was not even functional, almost didn’t.

ISIS quickly claimed the crime as committed by some of its “soldiers” (brave soldiers, murdering an eighty-year old priest). One of the dead assassins was immediately identified as a local young man. He was on electronic bracelet parole after being arrested in Turkey and sentenced for trying to join Islamic State. The French authorities don’t joke when it comes to terrorism!

The main French imam condemned the crime immediately and in the most vigorous terms. He did not comment on the mode of the assassination, beheading. He did not speculate whether this could have some cultural resonance for some Muslims, given that the Prophet Mohamed himself demonstrated a certain preference for beheading as a way to dispatch his enemies. (References on request.)

The French are brain frozen. No one in France has wondered publicly about what would have happened if one of the faithful at mass had carried a hidden handgun.

3 thoughts on “Gun Control Works Just Fine in France

  1. Clearly gun control failed to stop this crime. But I’ll step in and speculate about “what would have happened if one of the faithful at mass had carried a hidden handgun.” I’m guessing it’s unlikely the church owners would have allowed mass-goers to bring handguns into the church. Had someone nonetheless sneaked one in, the probability that he would have been able to pull it out, release the safety, and get off a shot that disabled the attacker and no one else, is small. Multplying two small probabilities, you get a very low probability that anything good would hae happened.

  2. Yup things would’ve worked out much better if the 2 murderers had 2 semi-automatic rifles with a dozen or so 30 round magazines.. Oh yes, I’m requesting references.

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