BC’s weekend reads

  1. Dr Khawaja is back in Palestine for the summer
  2. The nation-state is making a global comeback
  3. Nationalism isn’t replacing globalism
  4. Can Multiculturalism Be Exported? Dilemmas of Diversity on Nigeria’s “Sesame Square” (pdf)
  5. The West’s biggest statue: a tall tale

2 thoughts on “BC’s weekend reads

  1. After reading Dr. Khawaja’s post on his blog I’m too depressed to read anymore tonight. Sigh.

    • It’s not pretty, for sure.

      Dr Khawaja, by the way, is one of the best commentators on Israeli-Palestinian affairs I’ve read, largely because he is very fair in his approach to both sides (he might be the fairest of them all). Policy of Truth is definitely worth subscribing to.

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