Gifts for Professors

I welcome NoL writers to continue the discussion on the attacks in France, the refugee crises (note: plural form), and general mayhem in the middle east.

On an infinitely lighter note – what do NoL readers think is an appropriate gift for students to give to their Professors? Like Brandon I am applying to doctoral study this cycle. I ordinarily have given small gifts (e.g. thank you cards, sweets, etc.) to my teachers at the end of the year, but I’m stumped on what to do for those Professors who have agreed to be my letter of recommendation writers.

Is a nice bottle of wine fine? What’s an equivalent to wine if said professor is a Muslim and/or Mormon? Is it considered rude to give a ‘bigger’ gift to LOR writers than other professors?

All thoughts are welcome.

7 thoughts on “Gifts for Professors

  1. The best gift I ever got from a student was a can of nuts. I ate the nuts but still have the can. That gift spoke volumes.

    Gifts absolutely must have small monetary value to avoid embarrassment. Wine may be pushing it, and as you say, is problematic for tee-totalers.

    • Was it a can of gourmet nuts or what’s the story? Do you simply enjoy nuts?

    • A small can of macademias. Sure I like nuts, but the message was what mattered: that the fellow appreciated the effort I put into the class.

  2. I gave a gift to my MA dissertation supervisor once. His name is Gerard Casey, a libertarian anarchist, so you may know him. It was a small tile with one of his quotes on it: “If God, who manifestly has the right to do with His creation what He wills, will not coerce us, what creature can presume to take it upon himself so to do.” I knew he was religious, and I think he appreciated it. 😀

  3. It’s the thought that counts, I appreciate any small gift. For demographic reasons bidi cigarettes and tea are my most frequent gifts and definitely appreciated.

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