BC’s weekend reads

  1. Introducing… Jesus and Mo
  2. On private property and the commons
  3. Why Merkel’s Kindness to Asylum Seekers Could Reflect a German Soft Spot for Islam
  4. Why I find the Mthwakazi monarchy restoration unjustified
  5. September (a song about me)
  6. From the Far Right to the Far Left
  7. Beyond Neoliberalism (book review)

3 thoughts on “BC’s weekend reads

  1. Why do people consider monarchy an outdated idea? I’ve always found it weird that democracy is taken as more enlightened. Both systems simply proscribe how leadership should be assigned and are neutral on what public policies should be followed.

    • Michelangelo,

      I’ve got a longer piece on democracy and monarchy brewing thanks to your prodding, but it’s taking longer than I thought so I wanted to leave a short response. The preference for democracy over monarchy is cultural.

      Do you like bowing before people who claim to be your betters, and back up such claims with the power of the state? What about being obliged to defer to them, say, by letting them cut in front of you at a long line at Wal-Mart?

      I think you are correct about neutrality, but one system (monarchy) is less open to factions than the other (democracy).

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