A Different Kind of Pork (in France)

There is a big government crisis in France following the arson of several trucks and blocking of traffic on several main national arteries for several days. The problem is that the French don’t eat enough pork. Pig farmers are angry at the government, of course. (You read this right.)

It’s worth learning French just to read about this, our future under Bernie Sanders.

5 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Pork (in France)

  1. If you think Bernie Sanders is going to be our next president you need to work on your forecasting skills.

  2. A mixture of fear and wishful thinking captures my mood as well….

    Cheer up. First, The Donald is going great guns, he’s doing really well on the republican side. Although you don’t see eye-to-eye on immigration he seems like your kind of guy in all other respects. Second, you have another place to go if Rand Paul pulls it out: http://www.modernwhig.org/ I know the word ‘modern’ is a put off for you so concentrate on the ‘whig’.

    You have choices way beyond what I have.

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