A Drip of Local Flavor

The city of Little Falls, New York is missing nearly 400,000 gallons of water.

Located about twenty-five miles from me; the small central New York city is unable to locate over half of water that had been distributed in 2011. This amounts to about $300,000 dollars in wasted tax payer dollars and on top of that the city is expected to raise water rates.

Unsure whether the losses are caused by leaks, faulty meters or anything else the lead plant operator Daniel Benett says “”Some of it may be going in the ground. Some of it may be not captured by meters. We don’t really know. That’s why we’re out trying to fix as many leaks as we can.”

The cost of replacing the system is reported at a million dollars a mile which Benett assured citizens “The labor is the smallest cost ’cause the guys have to be here to work anyhow.”

Which  leads me to wonder what are those workers doing on a regular basis if it would cost no additional labor hours to do additional work.

One thought on “A Drip of Local Flavor

  1. In utilities one always has to be somewhat overstaffed to have trained people when necessary, although this does seem excessive. That’s why so much of this type of project is done by contractors, if you are even close to working your people, you have a limited surge capability, especially in underground projects, which are difficult to safeguard for more than a few days.

    I’d be more concerned at the amount of wastage, I’d warrant that losses have been out of line for at least 20 years. I think management has been quite negligent, in their loss control program.

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