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I don’t know if I can echo Andrew’s prodigious output, but here’s my own reading list for the weekend:

  1. Modesto Junior College, bureaucracy and censorship: Haughty arrogance edition. Ken White explains Weber’s ‘iron cage’
  2. Liberty after Lehman Brothers: What have we learned? Peter Boettke muses about the infamous bailouts
  3. Who were the anti-Federalists, and why do they still matter? Trevor Burrus of the Cato Institute explains
  4. The Christian Exodus. Another disaster in the Middle East

PS I just got in to Santa Cruz. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. The anti-Federalist piece is particularly interesting, as Burrus explains that the Articles of Confederation were a treaty rather than a binding constitution.

    I don’t think enough people realize that the 13 states were actual states rather than just provinces…

  2. Good stuff here, Brandon, really good. I know what I’m doing this weekend (in between football games, anyway).

    • Thanks NEO. I’d recommend watching the (13th-ranked) UCLA game, but we’re playing New Mexico State so it probably won’t be all that exciting.

      You a Huskers fan? Their fans are class acts, as is their football program. Thanks for the balloons and for sporting Number 36 during the game.

    • Some, although Pellini bothers me a lot. It is a class act, especially the fans, only 5% of the population of the state though, so it’s not completely representative of us all.

      But I’m still more attached to my Boilers, even though they’re awfully good at losing as well.

      When I was at Purdue we always like UCLA and USC coming to town, especially the cheerleaders, since we didn’t win all that often. 🙂

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